Boston Strong

one year later...what we made


Monday - Thursday 11 am to 9 pm
Friday 11 am to 7 pm
Saturday 10 am to 7 pm
Sunday 12 pm to 6 pm

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370 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02139
Right on the corner of Lee and Broadway


FAQs (frequently asked questions)

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Do you have gift cards? What T-stop are you near? Do I have to bring my sewing machine? What's a stitch lounge? When do you launch classes? Are you hiring?

The answers to these questions and a bunch more can be found right here!

Part of our mission is to showcase and promote makers in New England. There are so many awesome folks doing so many awesome things. We're lucky to know these folks!



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Reserve studio time on Monday and Thursday evenings in The Annex!

Eight Bernina sewing machines, a 6' X 12' cutting table, irons and padded pressing table, tools... everything you need to make something.


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